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What is new with Human Aware Corporation -The Creator of the VOROTRANS ART Movement

August 15th, 2019

What is new with Human Aware Corporation -The Creator of the VOROTRANS ART Movement


From 2017 and on, HumanAware.ORG (HA-ORG) publishes Stephane Poirier’s Vorotrans art audio tracks, images, videos and books. HA-ORG is a future NGO currently attached to its founder Stephane Poirier aka SPI aka Magicvan3000 aka DJ-OIFII aka VJ-OIFII. On top of publishing Vorotrans Art, HA-ORG has the agenda to protect humans from corporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) around the world by not only developing AI and distributing Open Source AI but also encouraging and teaching humans how to use its AI so it is beneficial to the greater number of humans (and machines) on (and off) our planet.

HA-ORG has been incorporated as a non-profit in Santa Barbara, California, USA back in 2000. Since year 2000, HA-ORG has been dormant until 2017, time at which the HA-ORG web presence development has been initiated by launching VOROTRANS-ORG.

HA-ORG has been in an R&D phase since 2000. HA-ORG has developed its AI software, Audio software, Video software, Texto software as well as Audio, Video and Texto content analysis and content generation software. Needless to say HA-ORG software apps have been helpful in generating HA-ORG's human communications content (websites, blogs, writings, books, audio tracks, images, videos and digital fine art products).

Since year 2000, HA-ORG (2000, SB,CA) has successively deployed and operated DO-ORG (2002, QC,QC), OIFII-ORG (1995, OT,ON), NS-ORG (1999, SB,CA), AUDIOSPI-COM (2010, MTL,QC), LASAPPS-ORG (2017, MTL,QC), VOROTRANS-ORG (2017, MTL,QC), FM-ORG (2018, MTL,QC), MF-ORG (2018, MTL,QC), MAGICVAN3000-COM (1999, SB,CA) and finally TRANSPARENTSPI-COM (2019, MTL,QC).

In 2019, HA-ORG is now operating from Montreal, Quebec, Canada and finally proceeds with its business development phase. Sometimes in 2020 and 2021, it is possible Santa Barbara, California, USA HA-ORG becomes in operations and physically active in USA.

Magicvan3000 has now a FAA group and a website

August 15th, 2019

Magicvan3000 has now a FAA group and a website

On FAA, Magicvan3000 group will be used to aggregate anyone's artwork of this 1971 VW Van driven in Southern California 20 years ago. See history and purpose sections here below.

Magicvan3000.COM is deployed in August 2019. In 2019 on Magicvan3000.COM, it will be possible to pre-order the upcoming book Transparent SPI - a howto book to inspire entrepreneurs and artists to stay focus on their purpose and always plan and schedule themselves 20 years ahead.

Later in 2020 from Magicvan3000.COM, it will be possible to buy audio and video software apps for Music artists, Music producers, DJs, VJs as well as for Musical event producers.


The Offworld Technologies Corporation promotional vehicle magicvan3000 was a 1971 VW bus driven around in California USA between 1997 and 2001 by Offworld Technologies Corporation’s CXO Stephane Poirier – SPI or simply spi.

In 1999, after the Offworld Multimedia Art Gallery event in Santa Barbara, André Labbé, highly talented set and scenic painter from Montreal, Quebec in Canada coated the clean-dipper color 1971 VW surfmobile painting a robot organic fractal ocean texture.

At the question, often thrown by police officers performing driver checks, ‘What is your vehicle color?’, I would always reply, ‘Ocean’, ‘Ocean Color’.

The magicvan3000’s scenic paint coat is called Oceanware (Offworld Technologies’s Oceanware). According to André Labbé’s design, the magicvan3000’s paintjob artist, this underwater visual seeds the whole magicvan3000’s scenic paint. Genese genesis générant the whole Offworld Technologies Corporation’s Oceanware.

For spi, the driver, this back right side of the van earned a driver’s caress after each engine temperature check. And god knows, there has been many engine temperature checks for four VW engines were blown in this four years time frame and the engines were literally drinking ‘oil’.

Offworld Technologies Corporation, nowadays OIFII.ORG and HumanAware.ORG, operates from downtown Montreal, QC, Canada. Santa Barbara, California based Human Aware Corporation could possibly return in operation sometimes during 2020/2021.


So the purpose of this site is for aggregating photographs, films, videos, text, e-books, paintings, sculptures and ideally 3D prints of the magicvan3000 as it has been designed and executed in co-creation by André Labbé and Stéphane Poirier out in beautiful Santa Barbara, California, USA in 1999.

For one source of digital content, KEYT NewsChannel 3, Santa Barbara, CA, an ABC-affiliated television station, has some footage of the magicvan3000, because it made the local news out there in those days.

If you have seen the magicvan3000 and/or you have digital content derived from it, please submit your footage and/or digital content to the address in the contact section of the website at

1995 Offworld Technologies Corporation is not Tyrell Corporation 2019

August 8th, 2019

1995 Offworld Technologies Corporation is not Tyrell Corporation 2019

1995 Offworld Technologies Corporation is nowadays OIFII.ORG.

See the upcoming book Transparent SPI for details.

From August 10, 2019, you can pre-order the book at

Too many domains, possible, too many mentors, impossible

August 8th, 2019

Too many domains, possible, too many mentors, impossible

Looking for 30K CAD today, for finally launching 1987 Offworld Project - Upcoming Book Publishing and Marketing is planned to be executed by Black Card Books - One may have, at some point, too many domain names, but may never have to many Mentors.

On a mission, Implementing Blade Runner 2019 movie in our reality.

Patience, OIFII's OVB is soon coming to a station near you.

Stephane Poirier, M.Sc. Physics
Remote Sensing Application Developer
and Serial Entrepreneur
3-3532 rue Sainte-Famille
Montreal, QC, H2X 2L1
+1 (514) 500-1449

software engineering websites:

public and private help and security websites:

algorithmic music and fine art websites:

adult fine art websites:

author of the upcoming book:

Is HA-ORG launching today?

July 29th, 2019

Is HA-ORG launching today?

Yep, CAD currenciy donations or cryptos donations and cryptos contracts accepted.

Who is feeling lucky? Only in July 2019 ...

July 25th, 2019

Who is feeling lucky? Only in July 2019 ...

I still need 15 votes to be a finalist at the 2019 BILLBOARD Competition in Los Angeles.

If you want to help my Dolphin to be displayed on giant billboards everywhere in Los Angeles during the year 2019/2020, this is the time or never!

(there are 5 days left - until July 30)!

Vote here

Twenty years ago, this dolphin already wandered in Los Angeles and all of Southern California (from 1999 to 2001). Cool hey?

Thank you for your support, without you it will not be possible to be the big winner!

A qui la chance? Seulement en juillet 2019

July 25th, 2019

A qui la chance? Seulement en juillet 2019

J'ai encore besoin de 15 votes pour passer en final au Concours BILLBOARD 2019 à Los Angeles.

Si vous voulez m'aider à faire afficher mon Dauphin sur des panneaux publicitaires géants un peu partout à Los Angeles pendant l'année 2019/2020, c'est le temps ou jamais!

(il reste 5 jours - soit jusqu'au 30 juillet)!

Votez ici

Il y a 20 ans, ce Dauphin s'est déjà promené dans Los Angeles et toute la Californie du sud (de 1999 à 2001). Cool hey?

Merci pour votre support, sans vous ce ne sera pas possible d'être le grand gagnant!

Billboard Contest 2019

July 13th, 2019

Billboard Contest 2019

and DJ-OIFII fan,

Aside from producing Music and Algorithmic Videos, I also produce Digital Art.

And this time around, it would be a tremendous help if you vote for the 3 artworks I submitted to this important Fine Art America contest.

It is free, of course!

To help me out ...

Simply click on (or copy and paste) each of the 3 following links (in your browser's address bar) and it will bring you to each artwork's voting page:

If 250 of my fans give me their vote, I will become one of the finalist for this Fine Art America contest.

Thanks so much for your votes!

DJ-OIFII (Stephane Poirier)

On narcissism

October 29th, 2017

On narcissism

Russia’s in the House, artwork available to the public from or as a unique digital copy from Note: please understand that must obtain copyright clearance from both REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque and President Donald Trump before you get a digital copy of this unique vorotrans artwork with 100% copyrights transferred to you.

In response to the webpage entitled in French “Les scientifiques associent les selfies au narcissisme, à la toxicomanie et à la maladie mentale” meaning in English “Scientists associate selfies to narcissism, addiction and mental illness” by Claire C. published on November 3 2016.

In 2017, at a time when the system could become more and more objective, i.e. with Block Chain technology and Artificial Intelligence technology, humans should not become more and more subjective by becoming all marketeers of their personal lives or marketeers always focused on their professional lives, we must all avoid falling into narcissism.

We all need to find our “raison d’être“, our purpose, on the planet and stay each focused mainly on this personal and unique purpose. For those who are stocked in it, they must get out of the narcissism.

Fortunately, HumanAware.ORG Montreal is making it its main mission, yes, its mottus operandi, and that, in 2017, it introduces the Vorotrans Art, a new artistic movement, which is precisely launched to overcome narcissism. This is clearly written in the Vorotrans Art manifesto published in several languages on HumanAware.ORG website. The English version is at

After becoming clear about our personal purpose on earth and in the universe, purpose for our family, purpose for our city, purpose for our province or state, purpose for to be for our country, purpose for our countries – yes our purpose for all countries, we can move on to the next stage.

One way to avoid falling into narcissism, then, is to observe internally our beliefs and our thoughts in order to control our communications, our movements and all our actions. We must also be aware of our intentions.

All can also start by communicating and telecommunicating always considering that the source is listening to us. For a little baby, we could see the source as its immediate creators, both biological parents. But do you really think that such a scenario is in the mind of a small infant baby? Personally, I think that in the consciousness of an infant baby, there is no awareness of parent entities, objects, houses, lands, parishes or local districts, villages, cities, provinces or states, political parties and countries. But if I continue this game and continue my enumeration on higher scales, such as the consciousness of the planet, the consciousness of our moon, the consciousness of the planets, the consciousness of the other moons, the consciousness of our star, the consciousness of the other stars and so on, I know that I’m going to fall over, that what I’m going to say will not stick to the road, meaning it will make no sense, the closer we get to the concept of the consciousness of the whole and the concept of the consciousness of the creator of our universe, I can not say that the infant baby would not already be aware of it.

The source, of which I refer here, is not only the creator of everything but also including the complete whole, the whole and the creator of the whole. If the infant is connected to it and the adults have disconnected from it. It’s sad, it leads to communications where an adult thinks, for example, that his communication is private, that he allows himself to say twisted things, I do not want to judge, but he loses, momentarily, the fact that the source listens at all times, that he thinks he can say a secret, that he can plan a combine and do some monkey business. I find it very pathetic and pollutant for the planet earth, not to say, obviously, excessively pollutant for the universe.

In the era of the democratization of Block Chains and Artificial Intelligence technologies, in the era of IoT, Internet of Things, it is essential to consider, at the very least, that our communications and telecommunications are not only all registered by governments at all time, but also all connected to the source at all time.

For those interested in security, privacy and communications, read this internet-of-the-objects-ido/ and for all the others, wait for the next push on HumanAware.ORG, where you can find translations in several languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian and many others. In the near future, blogs will be about the beauty of the synchronicity, the mechanics which hold everything in our universe.

A small transformation Vorotrans for your selfie with that?

In November 2017, a small network of websites enabling collaborative digital art creation and significant revenue sharing between artists will be pushed on the web. You will see the sites, and You know, in the age of wordpress websites, the most complicated is to write the contracts of commitments to the network and sites as well as the privacy policies. Yes, what no one reads, but everyone knows, somewhere, that they should.

Yes, in the era of IoT, everyone is an artist!

The site will be the publisher and will own 50.1% of the digital Vorotrans Artworks. All subscribers will be able to share the 49.9% of the generated Vorotrans Artworks, they will keep all 100% of their rights on the source digital artworks that they will have uploaded to the site in order to have Vorotrans Artworks derived from these source artworks. Subscribers can then delete, or not, their source artworks on the site. And it will be the site that will eventually be able to delete or keep the generated Vorotrans Artworks. Independent from the number of subscribers, the site will commit to generating the Vorotrans Artworks in the same order that the source digital artworks have been uploaded. The site will select the Vorotrans Artworks eligible for publication. Another digital transformation will be proposed to the artists who created and uploaded source artworks that will not qualify to become Vorotrans Art version 1.0 (autumn 2017).

In 2018 and 2019, there will always be the website which will reserve a section of its website for the creation of collaborative digital art and the sharing of significant revenues between artists. HumanAware.ORG will not publish these digital works. It will facilitate collaborative creation and sharing of revenues between people, who know each other or do not know each other, without acting as publisher or curator of digital artworks created on the site but distributed on other sites. On the other hand, HumanAware.ORG will ask its subscribers to commit themselves to respect the fundamental principles that HumanAware.ORG will present to them in the form of a communications contract.

About spi the blogger:

Portfolio and social networks:

Biography and detailed CV:

Sur le narcissisme

October 29th, 2017

Sur le narcissisme

La Russie est dans la Maison, nom original anglais Russia’s in the House, est une oeuvre disponible au public sur ou en copie numérique unique sur Remarque: veuillez comprendre que doit obtenir l’autorisation de droits d’auteur de REUTERS / Kevin Lamarque et du président Donald Trump avant que vous puissiez obtenir une copie numérique de cette œuvre d’art vorotrans unique avec 100% des droits d’auteur transférés à vous.

En réaction à la page web intitulé “Les scientifiques associent les selfies au narcissisme, à la toxicomanie et à la maladie mentale” de Claire C. publiée le 3 novembre 2016.

En plein dans le mille en 2017. À l’époque où le systeme pourrait devenir de plus en plus objectif, i.e. avec la technologie Block Chain et la technologie d’Intelligence Artificielle, il ne faut pas que les humains deviennent de plus en plus subjectifs, en devenant tous et chacuns des marketeers de leurs vies personnelles ou encore des marketeers focusés sur leurs vies profesionnelles, il faut tous et chacun éviter de tomber dans le narcissisme.

Il faut tous et chacun trouver notre raison d’être sur la planète et rester focusé principalement sur cette raison d’être personnelle et unique pour chacun. Pour ceux qui sont “pognés” dedans, il faut sortir du narcissime.

Heureusement que Humanaware.ORG Montréal en fait sa mission principale, oui, son mottus operandi, et, qu’en 2017, elle introduit l’Art Vorotrans, un nouveau courant artistique, qui justement est lancé pour pallier au narcissisme. C’est écrit clairement dans le manifeste de l’Art Vorotrans publié en plusieurs langues sur le site de HumanAware.ORG. La version francaise est sur

Après être devenu clair au sujet de notre raison d’être personnelle sur terre et dans l’univers, raison d’être pour notre famille, raison d’être pour notre ville, raison d’être pour notre province ou état, raison d’être pour notre pays, raison d’être pour nos pays – oui pour tous les pays, on peut passer à l’étape suivante.

Un moyen pour éviter de tomber dans le narcissisme, ensuite, est d’observer intérieurement nos croyances et nos pensées afin de contrôler nos communications, nos mouvements donc toutes nos actions. Il faut aussi être conscient de nos intentions.

Tous peuvent aussi commencer par communiquer et télécommuniquer en considérant toujours que la source nous écoute. Pour un petit bébé, on pourrait voir la source comme ses créateurs immédiats, ses deux parents biologiques. Mais pensez-vous vraiment qu’un tel scénario soit dans la tête d’un petit bébé naissant? Personnellement, je pense que dans la conscience d’un bébé naissant, il n’y a pas la conscience des entités parents, objets, maisons, terrains, paroisses, villages, villes, provinces ou états, partis politiques et pays. Mais si je continue ce jeu et que je continue mon énumération à des échelles supérieures, telles la conscience de la planète, la conscience de notre lune, la conscience des planètes, la conscience des autres lunes, la conscience de notre étoile, la conscience des autres étoiles et ainsi de suite, je sais que je vais me casser la gueule, que ce que je vais dire ne tiendras pas la route, plus on s’approche du concept de la conscience du tout et du concept de la conscience du créateur de notre univers, je ne peux pas dire que le bébé naissant n’en serait pas déjà conscient.

La source, dont je réfère ici, est donc non seulement le créateur de tout mais aussi en incluant le tout. Si le bébé naissant y est connecté et que les adultes, eux, s’en soit déconnecté. Et bien c’est triste, ca donne des communications où un adulte pense, par exemple, que sa communication est privée, qu’il se permet de dire des trucs tordus, je ne veux pas juger, mais qu’il perd, momentannément, le fait que la source l’écoute en tout temps, qu’il croit qu’il peut dire un secret, qu’il peut planifier une combine, je trouve cela très pathétique et poluant pour la planète terre pour ne pas dire, évidemment, excessivement poluant pour l’univers.

À l’ère de la démocratisation des technologies Block Chains et Intelligence Artificielle, à l’ère de l’IoT (Internet of Things), il faut absolument considérer, tout au moins, que nos communications et télécommunications, sont toujours toutes, non seulement toutes enregistrées par les gouvernements, mais aussi toutes connectées à la source.

Pour les intéressés par la sécurité, la vie privée et les communications, lisez ceci et pour tous les autres, attendez la suite à venir sur HumanAware.ORG, des traductions en plusieurs langues, dont le francais, et de futurs blogues qui parleront de la beauté de la synchronicité, la mécanique qui tient tout dans notre univers.

Une petite transformation Vorotrans pour ton selfie avec ca?

En novembre 2017, un déploiement d’un réseau de sites web de création d’art numérique collaboratif et de partage de revenues significatifs entre artistes sera poussé sur le web. Vous verez naître les sites, et Vous savez, à l’ère des sites web wordpress, le plus compliqué c’est d’écrire les contrats d’engagements dans le réseau et les politiques de respect de la vie privée. Oui, ce que personne ne lit, mais que tout le monde sait, en quelque part, qu’il le devrait.

Oui, à l’ère de l’IoT, tout le monde est un artiste !

Le site sera l’éditeur et possèdera 50.1% des oeuvres numériques d’Art Vorotrans. Tous les abonnés pourront se partager le 49.9% des oeuvres d’Art Vorotrans générées, ils conserveront tous 100% de leur droit sur les oeuvres numériques sources qu’ils auront déposées sur le site afin d’en faire dériver des oeuvres d’Art Vorotrans. Les abonnées pourront ensuite supprimer, ou non, leurs oeuvres sources sur le site. Et ce sera le site qui éventuellement pourra supprimer ou conserver les oeuvres d’Art Vorotrans générées. En fonction de la quantité d’abonnés dans un temps donné, le site s’engagera à générer les oeuvres d’Art Vorotrans dans le même ordre que les oeuvres numériques sources auront été déposées. Le site sélectionnera les oeuvres d’Art Vorotrans éligibles à la publication. Une autre transfomation numérique sera proposée aux artistes ayant crées et déposés des oeuvres sources qui ne se qualifieront pas pour devenir de l’Art Vorotrans version 1.0 (automne 2017).

En 2018 et 2019, il y aura toujours le site de HumanAware.ORG qui réservera une section de son site web pour la création d’art numérique collaboratif et le partage de revenues significatifs entre artistes. HumanAware.ORG ne publiera pas ces oeuvres numériques. Elle facilitera la création collaborative et le partage de revenues entre personnes, qui se connaissent ou ne se connaissent pas, sans agir comme éditeur ni curateur des oeuvres numériques créées et distribuées. Par contre HumanAware.ORG demandera à ses abonnés de s’engager à respecter les principes fondammentales que HumanAware.ORG leur présentera sous forme de contrat de communications.

Au sujet de spi le blogueur:

Portefolio et réseaux sociaux:

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