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Upcoming book - Surfing On Love

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Upcoming book - Surfing On Love

(based on a true story but written as an entertaining fiction)

Surfing On Love tells the story of a French American free spirit and self actualizer who follows his dream to the Pacific Ocean shorelines living hard in Santa Barbara during the Internet Bubble between 1997 and 2001.

Barefoot in or out his 1971 VW T-1 Bus when not writing software, chasing friendly ocean swells and shores around Southern California, hiking inland on Southern Coast Ranges or hiding at night dancing on techno among 4000+ ravers corner Spring Street and 4th downtown Los Angeles, this French American felt like a 13th electron feeling being love while remaining free by not consuming love.

Free like the waves, free like the birds and free like the wind, until this French man joins a network of Argentinian, Brazilian and Californian women. The birth of a baby boy occurs. Nurses did not know to which men give the father bracelet has two male lovers were in the hospital room supporting the mother at delivery. The man thought to be the father ever since pregnancy turns out to be proved not at all the father a year later. Feeling like a 13th electron no more when this Frenchman discovers that while being the mother's lover since two years, he was also this toddler boy's natural father.

On love, to surf or not to surf. This dilemma produces a biblical proportion life situation for SPI, the made in Quebec French American. A chain of impossible life time decisions is now well triggered.

This story shows how loving everything and respecting every lifeforms essentially the same as your loved ones is a great challenge for oneself but surely a near insurmountable lifetime difficulty for one's cherished loved ones. Metaphysics, yes. Spirit to spirit communications, always. But the laws of simple physics matter and the physical dimensions must never be forgotten.