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2020 Humanitarian Crisis - Coup Vide 19

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2020 Humanitarian Crisis - Coup Vide 19

Humanitarian Crisis have been undergoing since ever.

Coup Vide 19, Empty Coup 2019, COVID-19 World Pandemie, Canadian Aboriginal Crisis, Black Lives Matter, Sweet Lies 2020, Fear Anticipation Science and Prevention, is now headlines news.

Most often, parents lie to their children because it is just too long, too complicated, too exhausting to answer their curiosity and questions. Yes, lie to “l'enfant roi”, in North America, the “parents-esclavent” lying to their own “enfant roi” children.

But no, most parents, enslaved by the era of performance and the linear perception of time, no longer have much time to give to their children, education is quickly delegated to daycare centers, primary schools, etc.

Employers lie to their employees to increase employee's productivity, but will not allow any of their employees to lie to them.

Our politicians defend specific positions and, therefore, cannot really expose the reality with which they are confronted.

As the large portion of the general public does not really read or listen to the content of printed and streamed medias, but easily absorbs the sensationalist headlines of articles as well as the body language and the tone of voice of those who pass through the medias ...

Politicians, like parents, simply choose the quickest solution, lying most of the time.

Obviously, in our society, no one should be labelled a liar.

Be it parents, employers, employees, politicians, children, teens, adults.

Lying to a child, for a parent, is very often done out of a desire to protect the loved one.

Later, when older - he, she, both, either, neither or it - will understand.

Lying to taxpayers, for a politician, is also very often done with the intention of keeping the peace. Giving to the general public what most of us like to hear.

Why confuse minds with truths that are complicated to explain when a simple perspective, a little better presented, can be more easily absorbed by the masses?

History shows us the constant discrimination of the difference.

It seems to have been, until now, and still today, always very comforting to regroup according to our similarities.

Difference in behavior, difference in clothing, difference in the sounds we produce (language, choice of words, accent), difference in our geometry (physical shape, physical fitness, genetic origins, skin color, age, gender, etc), difference in our beliefs, if people do not make war on it, they distance themselves and tolerate themselves more or less peacefully.

Crimes against humanity of the past should not, however, control our present or our future.

Our minds are all native.

Our bodies are all earthly.

The first cultures (first nations) on the planet are very precious, but it seems, more often than not, that they live in extreme poverty.

To the problem of poverty which persists on earth, in regions, countries, in our cities, should we accuse the stupidity of socially irresponsible extreme capitalism or simply accept the fact that distancing and discrimination are only very natural human stupidity?

Our bodies are dumb and animal, a bit like sheeps, our natural bodies like to cluster together by similarity.

But it is our minds that we must liberate from our earthly bodies.
It remains for our minds and spirits to take the complete lead over our bodies and for our minds and spirits to take the complete responsibility for the state of our globalized society.

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