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Upcoming book - The Real Queen Of England

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Upcoming book - The Real Queen Of England

(based on a true story but written as an entertaining fiction)

The Real Queen Of England tells the story of a native French Canadian woman who married An American President for the better or the worst in the mid 60's and becomes mother of four children all born in Quebec City Canada.

The story is told by one of her children, SPI, who, for many years as a teenager, helped his father gather the proofs his mother was paranoid and possibly had schizophrenic tendencies. For his son, only to, later in life, realize he had it all wrong presenting his 3-year report of his mother's daily behavior to a department of justice judge in Quebec at age 17 and recommending to use cops to intern his mom.

Just like the sun shines and provides life capability on earth, psychological instabilities are natural. We are not clones nor must always hyper perform robots.

Exceptional forms of intelligence are most precious for humanity and, on earth, do occur for physical and social space sharing, social acceptance and social survival reasons.

The name “The Real Queen Of England” is a nickname I gave to my mother by respect considering she loved everything English in manners and protocols as well as admired and loved the real Queen Elizabeth II Of England. My mother was 8 years younger than the real Queen Elizabeth II and she resembled very closely to her in her golden age from the turning of the new millennium until she passed away in 2014.

This story shows how easy it is to brainwash our youth, how simple it is to indoctrinate the society and, most dramatically of all, how hard it is not to fool ourselves in life and to remain objective and socially responsible.