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Presume no communication is private in the era of the Internet of Things IoT

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Presume no communication is private in the era of the Internet of Things IoT

Presume no communication is private in the era of the Internet of Things (IoT)

For a week in September 2017, I created and used my new facebook account for the vorotrans artistic movement, an art movement that I am launching this fall. My goal was to reach the million facebook friends by the end of the fall.

In a week I sent lots of requests for friendships and in that same week, I made 5000 completely unknown facebook friends. Following the acceptance of the facebook friendship requests, they were all trying to get to chat with me. I think, in this week, I managed to chat with 1000 of these new unknown international facebook friends. Half of the people either asked to be extracted from their country, begged directly for money, or begged indirectly by asking for an iTunes card gift, looked for love online, or desperately seeked to come to my home in Montreal, invited me to their country, or assumed I was looking for love online, etc.

At the start to each chat communication, I always thanked each one for accepting my facebook friendship request using the first name of each person. Only about 5 of these 1000 international strangers called me by my name. I was always very polite, then pushing a detailed message, most people answered with short answers, providing no details, using facebook accounts not really filled with information, my facebook account was very detailed with accurate information. Most people used smart phones and I used my desktop. I have no idea how Facebook’s algorithms have chosen to select these facebook accounts for me.

Many accounts were closed while they were chatting with me, especially the accounts of the beggars who never stopped insisting. Because I, believe in the good in all individuals, I never disconnected them. I was trying to reverse their behavior. For example, I asked them if they considered themselves a JEDI, by specifying to them, not exactly a JEDI as in the first Star Wars movie, that is for the light show, but rather a real JEDI, a person for whom communication matters most. Sometimes, I managed to reverse their telebegging behavior and, suddenly, respectful conversations ensued. If it was a facebook account that presenting itself as a woman and that was looking for love right from the first line of chat, I told her that I was looking for a JEDI woman, a woman for whom communication matters most. It confused them a little and even a lot sometimes. In fact, I always do this if I am caught at night with street crabs. There were also those who presented themselves as guys on their facebook profile and thought that I approached them for sex. I had all my answers already written and I also often composed the lines on the fly. I reassured these guys by telling them that I was into women only, that I was doing marketing on facebook and that I had no problem being a facebook friend with guys or gays. I politely declined the accosts from homosexual guys with the same formula. There were, of course, some sexual perverts who, from the opening of the chat session, pushed me a picture of their sex, disgusted, I was, but focused, I stayed and proceeded to block their profiles but not before inviting them not to do that, etc. To those who wanted to be extracted from their country, I remember for example a chat with a Pakistani, well I always answered that I was not the United Nations pushing them the UN website link If they continued to insist, I told them that I was not an immigration consultant, and then I told them to go to the nearest Canadian consulate. If they insisted again, I told them that although my godfather had been a general in the Canadian army and even though I knew a friend of Justin Trudeau, our current Canadian prime minister, personally, I could not help them, that it did not work like that and added that I was not the Canadian Armed Forces and ended up pushing them the Canadian Armed Forces link There, I was sparking them up. They insisted and insisted. But, I did not disconnect the conversation. I waited for them to reverse their behavior, to stop begging, to stop telebegging.

I had some American soldiers talking to me, some in Iraq, others in Syria. I always told the military that I had great respect for them, for what they do. Then I told them a bit about my past when I was developing software for Military Recruit Schools in Santa Barbara, California, and that I enjoyed receiving a few visits from the Topgun Air Force pilots from San Diego. Sometimes we also had the military visit of very senior officers. We were developing three resource scheduling software applications for the three American forces recruit schools, the navy, the air force and the ground force.

At the end of that week, I even chatted with a woman who claimed to be a general in the US Army. At the very end of that week, the facebook site made security checks on me, several times, every two hours, he asked me to answer a captcha, sent me a code on my cell and asked me to enter it before letting me go with using facebook. Some facebookers also claimed to be facebook employees. Some told me that I was chatting so fast, simultaneously with so many, that they could not believe it. I did not say, but regardless of the country of origin, name tags, pictograms, I throwed facebook friend requests at every users facebook offered to me, just like a bot would. I also liked to use google translate with everyone who wanted to chat with me, no matter what their languages, I tried to communicate with each one of them. It was an education. It was really hard to aggregate so many friends on facebook when so many people wanted to chat. I can not believe it. As I was only trying to push texts and links to promote my digital art and open source software, I was not trying to chat individually with one person at a time. I was doing multitasking always talking to many at the same time. Also always presuming many different accounts could actually be the same user analyzing me. Although I have never engaged into initiating chats myself and although I almost never asked any questions (to never increase the time of discussion with everyone), I always politely answered all the questions of these international unknown facebookers. Because I am a natural chatterbox. Often, facebookers wanted to make live video with me, hangout, etc. I always respectfully declined explaining why and also always providing my real landline number so they could drop a voicemail into my box if they wanted to. I explained to them that I would listen to their message and that I could return their call. Many times, the phone rang, but no one has ever left a voice message.

At the very end of this first week after the creation of my facebook vorotrans account, the facebook security code sent to me, when security check locks would occur, was no longer working, I got a text message code from facebook on my cell phone, I then entered this code on the facebook site, but the facebook site continued to reject my code, pushing me no messages of any kind, no warning, no no error message, simply constantly proposing to send back a code via SMS on my cell phone, but the facebook site never accepted the new code. And always, without ever sending any other notification of any kind. I sent an e-mail to facebook support about this, but I only got an automatic answer. I has been about one month now, still no answer from facebook.

So, being unable to access my brand new facebook account for vorotrans, I was finally free from using facebook as marketing tools for my business.

Although it was a great experience and an education, I was exhausted chatting 18 hours a day for 7 days in a row.

One message I would make to all smartphone users is that even if you do not consider yourselves JEDIs, communication between individuals matters most. Communication that crosses the many country borders engaged between foreigners, unknown to each other, should be considered being of great importance. Represent. We do not want to pollute the world with private communications, presumed private by some people, who then allow themselves to push anything around. Finally, presume no communication is private in the era of the Internet of Things (IoT).

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