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Interested in using a new Vorotrans Art videos in worldwide exclusivity for your concerts in 2018?

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Interested in using a new Vorotrans Art videos in worldwide exclusivity for your concerts in 2018?

Interested in using a new Algorithmic Art – the Vorotrans videos – in worldwide exclusivity for your concerts in 2018, 2019, and on?

More Vorotrans Artwork at For a unique Vorotrans video experience see some Vorotrans video extracts on vimeo at and some Vorotrans videos on facebook at Details on the Vorotrans Art with my bio at

The English Vorotrans Art Manifesto is at, it is also available in many other languages at

Vorotrans version 1.0 videos change radically from frame to frame. So every 1/30 of a second, a radical change occur. I think Vorotrans version 1.0 videos could be used as is, not precisely synchronized, on techno music that is usually between the 120 BPM and 180 BPM range. Viewers would feel videos are sync to the music. Of course, there is always the subject motion in the videos, i.e. the movement of animals, humans, models, musicians, dancers, etc., as well as the changes provoked by the editing of the videos to take good care of to feel that the videos are synchronized to the music.

My plan, this fall, is to sell the Vorotrans version 1.0 videos exclusively (worldwide) to a single world renown international music artist. This fall, my price is $1000USD per minute (for Vorotans videos produced out of your video footage) and I would like to sell 120 minutes approximately. This price would secure the production of the Vorotrans videos as well as secure the usage of Vorotrans videos worldwide in concerts for 1 year, year 2018. I am open to secure the same price for the following year ahead of time, i.e. secure the same price this fall for year 2019.

I will be dedicated to satisfy the artist, videos after videos, until we reach the agreed total Vorotrans videos length required for the artist’s tour.

Please note that the Vorotrans Artwork currently available online is very low resolution and highly compressed and therefore is very deteriorated.

Only the Vorotrans Artwork sold exclusively to one world renown international music artist in fall 2017 will be high resolution and uncompressed.

Such deal puts me in business with a single artist in the world for x amount of years, during this time not only I will do everything to satisfy this artist but also develop further versions of Vorotrans videos and the artist will have a priority to decide if he wishes to use these videos in concerts for the years to come after the current contract.

Also note, that if the artist wish to use Vorotrans videos made from video footage from someone else, I will have to clear the rights for Vorotrans videos to be produced and used in concert for the artist’s tour. While I am willing to approach the video content owner and negotiate a deal for commercial use, I cannot as of this time, predict how much the price will be and when we will obtain the commercial use rights.

Do not hesitate to ask me any questions, by phone, emails or linkedin.


Phone: +1-514-500-1449

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